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About Us

The way to run residential communitiessocially!

If you’re a manager in a residential building,our social management software is an essential tool to form an online society and get the most out of your community.

Who Are We

At UnitedUnits, we are passionate about harnessing the power of people and their participation in residential communities.Our cutting-edge social-based management software is designed to revolutionize the way managers run the residential buildings, and supercharge it by social participation.

Our mission is to empower people living in residential communities with a practical social network and help the managers of such communities to harness its power to create a friendly, disciplined, and well-supported life for the residents.

Residential communities are an important pillar in people's lifestyle and we believe by promoting social life in them, we can make it a happy place to live with a strong sense of belonging.

We are working in the filed of property technology since 2018. After a successful experience in Investime App which connects residential building developers to their customers, now we set our goals to make these buildings a better place to live

What we do?

Our Mission

We pride ourselves on offering Computerized Social Management System (CSMS) that is unmatched in its practicality, versatility, and ease of use. Here’s what sets us apart from the competition:

UnitedUnits is the first software on the market that considers each residential building as a community of people. A community with a complex set of roles, rights, relationships, and responsibilities.

We harness the power of this community of people by creating a practical social network inside each residential community empowered by comprehensive management tools. Our mission is to manage the residential buildings by residents' participation and strong communications.

Ready to experience the future of residential communities? Sign up now and embark on an exciting adventure of lovely social life in your building.

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