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How It Works

How it works?

With our software, you can create a practical social  network with administrative tools in your residential building and promote social life and participation in your community.

Starting with UnitedUnits software is easy and straightforward. Just register your community and create a dedicated signup link for your residents to join!


Register your building

As the manager, tell us about your building and register it in our software online. You will have access to the management dashboard immediately. There you can create a dedicated signup page for your residents and invite them to join the journey.


Create your social network

The residents of your building can now easily create their profile in dedicated and private social network. After successful signup, a unique code will be generated for each resident which can be used to login to our application across all devices. 



Now you have your exclusive and centralized social network with targeted audience. The residents can start socializing and enjoy our innovative features and you can manage the building and support the residents easy and efficiently.

Need to know our features? Browse our feature list.

Private network

Privacy matters!

You will have your dedicated and private social network and only the people who are living in your building can join and access our application. You need to approve new members' identity for their account to be activated.

Only accessible by:

Residents of the community